8 Tips for Reading Food Labels

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Reading the label

Learning to read foods labels is the most important thing. Keep in mind that not all "100% natural" means organic.

1. 100 percent organic: means containing only organically produced ingredients.
2. Cage-free: means animals are not kept in cages, and the USDA has no regulation on what the animals are fed or time spend outside.
3. Farm fish: means fish raised in pen, and the USDA has no organic standards for seafood.
4. Free range: means the animals spend at least half of their lives outside and is regulated by the USDA.
5. Grass-fed: means farmers' food sources is grass, and not regulated by USDA.
6. Made with organic ingredients: means having at least 70 percent of organic ingredients.
7. Natural: means no artificial ingredients, or added colors.
8. Organic: has at least 95% organic ingredient.

Tips for Making the switch
If you are new to eating organic foods, start slowly. Read labels. If you don't recognize or can't pronounce ingredients, don't buy it, it is most likely not working for your health! One of the reasons manufacturer's put artificial ingredients in products is because it increases their shelf life. Unfortunately, this preservation has a different consequence in our bodies, essentially rusting us from the inside out. Making a gradual switch by adding a new organic food choice each week into your shopping routine will make the process simple and easy.

* Week 1: start with dairy products such as milk, cheese, and egg.
* Week 2: fruits, and vegetables.
* Week 3: meat, chicken, and nuts.
* Week 4: pasta, rice, and bread.
* Week 5: beverages.

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